February 23, 2008

Yugma Web Conferencing

Dr. Z and I just got done experimenting with Yugma, a new screen-sharing and web conferencing service that's free and web-based. I'm pretty excited about it.

Like many Web 2.0 tools, Yugma requires a login, but registration is free and simple (one only need provide a name and valid email address). With an account, a user can either begin a new screen sharing session or join an existing session from the Yugma home page. Sessions can involve up to 10 users for the free service (up to 500 for a premium account). Inviting someone to join a session is as easy as sending an email (which the web site helps you do, of course), and joining a session only involves logging into the service and entering a 9-digit session ID number. By the way, Yugma works with Macintosh, Windows and Linux PCs, so it's cross-platform. It does, however, require a recent version of Java software be installed.

Once participants have joined a session, they can view each other's screen (not just PowerPoint--anything on the screen), share control of a screen, draw on it, text chat, and even dial a phone number to conference call (it's not a toll-free number, but cell phones and Skype work great for this). If you combine a Skype video chat with a Yugma session, then you've got two-way video and audio as well as screen sharing.

Basically, Yugma--a free solution--provides all of the functionality used in all of the webinars that I've recently attended. It's really quite easy to use and I'm impressed with the clarity of shared screens. This is fantastic for tech support, web conferences, distance education, and many other situations. I think Yugma just edged out Jing as my favorite tech tool of the week.


  1. if you use the Yugma Skype integrated tool, you can do single application sharing (check out the skype logo on yugma's home page). way cool, tool!

  2. Have you tried to compare to LiveLOOK? www.livelook.net

  3. Wow, thanks for that tip, anonymous! LiveLook seems like it might be even easier than Yugma! Too bad it's not free though. I like free.

  4. I use it in collaboration with www.rhubcom.com turbomeeting for screen sharing in real time via a Java applet.

  5. I found this Youtube video about Yugma’s vision. It’s actually really interesting. I like.

    see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe9qU3H3LJk

  6. I have used Yugma and really like it. I have had no problems using it. I love how it is free especially in this hard economic time. It has great free features like share desktop, built-in instant messenger, and free teleconferencing (with standard long distance fees). When you pay for the service it's still very reasonable especially compared to say GoToMeeting or WebEx and it offers many of the same features. It offers the same as the free version plus one can change presenters, share mouse and keyboard, share files, record webcast, use of whiteboard, schedule sessions, etc...I find it to be nice for group presentations especially in college when you want to rehearse but no one wants to meet! It can be used 24/7 and the tech support is extremely helpful. Also (some tech peeps) is right the Yugma Skype edition is great!