February 16, 2008

Mobile Web Even Better Than Fixed One?

This week, Google reported that they are seeing 50 times more search requests coming from Apple iPhones than any other mobile internet device. If the trend continues, it's predicted that mobile Internet searches will exceed the number of "fixed" (i.e. desktop) searches within the next several years.

This is strong evidence that people would flock to the mobile web if their device actually made it easy and functional. Expect to see more and more devices emulate the innovative design features of the iPhone. It involves much more than just a larger screen. The user interface must be intuitive and highly functional. For example, the Safari browser on an iPhone (and now iPod Touch) makes it easy and fun to browse almost any web site (come on, Apple, where's the Flash support?).

In fact, the whole touch interface makes me wonder if the tactile experience of using the web on an iPhone might actually be more engaging and interactive than clutching a mouse attached to a desktop computer.

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