October 22, 2010

Help me choose new glasses

It's time for a new look. Please help me choose from these three frames. Use the poll in the sidebar to the right to vote for your preference. Thanks!

The results are in. With 44 votes, it seems Frame A was the favorite. Thanks to everyone who participated! I'm still not convinced to go with Frame A--seems a bit boring to me overall. But your input is persuasive. I think you might be a better judge than me. :-)

October 14, 2010

Google Reader Play

Thanks to a tweet from Stephen Ransom, I just discovered Google Reader Play. It displays the RSS feeds you've subscribed to via Google Reader in a nice slide show format, and it encourages you to star, like, or share the things that catch your eye. You can trigger it either by clicking the link above or choosing "View in Reader Play" from the folder settings as pictured here.

October 10, 2010

ITEC 2010 Conference Ticker

The annual Iowa Technology & Education Connection conference (Twitter hashtag #itec10) is underway! To keep up with the events and dialogue, I've created this CIL Ticker. Join the conversation! To add comments, click the icons below to sign-in with your Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace account. Or just include #itec10 with your tweets during (and after) the conference.

Be sure to stop by the University of Northern Iowa booth in the vendor area to say hi, speak geek, or learn about our masters degree program in Instructional Technology.