October 22, 2010

Help me choose new glasses

It's time for a new look. Please help me choose from these three frames. Use the poll in the sidebar to the right to vote for your preference. Thanks!

The results are in. With 44 votes, it seems Frame A was the favorite. Thanks to everyone who participated! I'm still not convinced to go with Frame A--seems a bit boring to me overall. But your input is persuasive. I think you might be a better judge than me. :-)


  1. A is classic
    B is Drew Carey-esque (and I love Drew Carey)
    C is my personal favorite, but it is too easy for me to say "pick C" and then you have to wear them for I am guessing at least a year.

    So I voted A

  2. I voted C, but I am not in love with any of them. I would add D-keep looking

  3. There is a 4th option (None) in the poll. Change your vote if you want.

  4. none sounds as - buy contacts instead

  5. I vote contacts...

  6. A - looks good
    B - uggh no, plus you look cross-eyed
    C - are they orange?? look pretty cool, but A is better.

  7. I vote contact. but if that is not the option then I vote A. But David voted C. He said that C looks unique and looks good on you.

    Carrie Cao