February 7, 2011

PODs in the Classroom

Great quote from this interview of Sonya Woloshen speaking about personally owned devices (PODs) in the classroom.
We will always know a cell phone. We will always know an iPod. We need to learn to use these tools for learning. 

This is part 1 in a series of 2009 interviews by Dave Truss. Check out part 3, Expectations and Attitudes.

Two of the classes I currently teach are BYOL (bring your own laptop). The other three classes are totally online. So, I suppose all of my current students rely almost exclusively on their own personal devices. I believe this empowers my students, preservice educators, to become more technologically competent. They need to personally invest in their own professional development and realize the potential of their own devices before they'll effectively incorporate technology into their own teaching.

Thanks to one of my students, Lindsey, who posted the above video to her own blog recently.

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