June 6, 2010

Paper not done yet? Corupt [sic] it!

Well, here's a creative solution. Don't have that paper done yet? Buy yourself some extra time by submitting a corrupted file to your teacher. I just discovered the Document Corrupter web site via the Tech :-) Happy blog where Keith Ferrell points out the humorous misspelling of "corrupted" on the site. There's even a shuffle option to "make it harder for tech-savvy teachers to recover the file"--well done, slackers. 

Of course, I had to try it. Sure enough, attempting to open the corrupted file inexplicably crashes my copy of Word, though it opens fine with Text Edit. So, if any of my students get any ideas--forget it. I'm on to you!

1 comment:

  1. That is almost as bad as buying a paper. We have deadlines and they must be met.

    I'll bet that you were in a quandary about posting this. It is another tool to beat the system. I am glad that you did post it because now I know that I will try to open it using a text editor.

    Leigh Zeitz