March 30, 2009

Habitudes for College Students by Angela Maiers

Wow, we just live-blogged and streamed a presentation here at the University of Northern Iowa. The guest presenter, Angela Maiers spoke about Habitudes for College Students. It was awesome, and so was the technology we used to stream and capture it!

About 10 minutes into the event, I realized that I was streaming the video via Ustream, Twittering, and moderating the Coveritlive blog (which had the Ustream and Twitter feeds embedded as well) all via a wireless connection from my MacBook! Geez, if I'd actually thought about it in advance (hey, it was a busy day), I would have guessed this would never work via WiFi. Not only did it work--it worked great! Amazing (and fun!)

Here are the some archives of the event.

Ustream archive is here...

Accordant stream is here (complete with the presenter's PowerPoint)...

Coveritlive archive is (as well as below)...

1 comment:

  1. Rob-
    Thank you so much for covering this event. I had an amazing time, and am so grateful for the conversation to be archived in this way. It is hard to reflect in the process, and these tools are so powerful for deeper understanding and conversations.

    You guys did great, and I look forward to continuing the conversation because of your work!