October 6, 2008

Missing iPhone Features

I've been using my iPhone 3G for a couple of weeks now--long enough to
get used to the keyboard, thankfully, and also to compile the
following list of missing features. Now, I'm hoping that some of these
"missing" features are just hidden features that I've yet to discover.
If that's the case, please post a comment to correct me & point me in
the right direction. BTW, overall I'm extremely pleased with my iPhone
& even the AT&T service. I'm composing this blog entry on my iPhone
from a waiting room, in fact.

The List:

  1. Is Bluetooth crippled??? I can't send photo, contacts, etc, via
  2. Bluetooth?
  3. No search, especially in iCal, Notes?
  4. No copy/paste?
  5. Where are my todo items from iCal?
  6. No select? Why can't I double-click or click n drag to highlight text?
  7. I should be able to send a URL from Safari to Mail or other apps.
  8. Maps: I'd like to rotate screen for horizontal view like safari &
  9. photos.
  10. External keyboard support would be nice--bluetooth keyboard or something to use during meetings.
  11. Inline spellcheck (auto complete/correct is good a start).
  12. Camera is good, but no flash?
  13. No option to record video? What's up with that?

1 comment:

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