August 20, 2008

Laptops for all 6-12 students in Central City

Students in grades 6-12 preparing for a new school year in Central City, IA, each received a new Apple MacBook laptop yesterday--theirs to use and care for both at school and at home. The Central City School District launched one of Iowa's latest examples of a 1:1 initiative (i.e., 1 computer per student ratio). In fact, Central City becomes the first Iowa district to provide laptops to all students in grades 6-12 (other Iowa schools have adopted laptops in one or more grades of middle school or high school, but none have yet involved as many as seven grade levels).

As reported by local media back in March, the project is funded with Linn County SILO funds and also includes the purchase of mobile wireless labs (carts with 20 laptops each) for each Elementary grade (K-5).

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