January 3, 2008

Biden Tackles Real Issues Head-On

It's Iowa Caucus day, and Joe Biden appeared early this morning at an Irish pub in Waterloo (after already appearing on 4 morning talk shows).

Senator Biden has my support in the Iowa caucuses tonight. I think there are some strong democrats running for president, but none more qualified or competent to lead our country out of the hole dug by 6 years of dishonest, immoral, fear-mongering republican control and into a future where America is again respected and admired throughout the world.

Senator Biden understands (as President Clinton described last night) that the U.S. can't solve most problems alone, yet there exists great opportunities to regain our status as a world leader on major issues. I believe Biden has an in-depth understanding of important issues, highly relevant experiences, and a strong track record of wisdom and judgment that will make him a great president ready to hit the ground running. I've heard him speak several times on many issues, and I am convinced that he is the best candidate for positive change based on successful experience (not just generic change based on vague experience).

Joe Biden certainly appears to be an underdog, but I know he has some strong pockets of support in Iowa. I hope Iowa caucus goers will surprise us tonight with a strong showing for Joe Biden!

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