November 25, 2007

Wish List and Free Stuff Online

I just added my Amazon wish list alongside my blog. I use my wish list year-round to keep track of good deals, things I'm considering buying, or stuff I'll buy once I finally win the lottery. This widget is a great way to share my list with family and friends for the holidays.

Amazon provides free buttons and widgets for sharing your lists on your own web sites. Once you create an Amazon wish list (you can create more than one list, by the way), then look for the button that says "Tell people about this list". A pop-up window will provide a unique URL and the HTML to copy and paste buttons or widgets onto your own web pages.

Looking for free stuff online? Check out Business Week's guide to 101 Best Web Freebies. There's a related article to read, but it's more fun just exploring the free programs, services and offers they've found. Browse by category by clicking on the pictures along the bottom of the page.

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