October 9, 2007

Woz and Pogue Wear Our Sticker!

The legendary Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, and David Pogue from the New York Times were the keynote speakers at the ITEC conference this week. I just left David Pogue's fantastic keynote address (really, it was awesome!), and I saw Woz sitting in the front row wearing one of our UNI Instructional Technology stickers! Look closely and you'll see a few others in the background wearing our stickers too. We had a great presence at the conference this year thanks to Dr. Z's idea for the stickers and Magda's design.


  1. Good work on promoting UNI. It was good to see you again Robin. I had the impression when I was taking your course a while back that UNI was a temporary stop, but sounds like you found a home. All the students and staff are the benefactors...

  2. Thanks, Pete! It was great seeing you again. It was really nice bumping into several former and current students at ITEC--some online students I'd never met face-to-face until this week! We had excellent traffic at our UNI display, and I think we've recruited some new members for our 2008 cohort. Spread the word--UNI is the place to earn your masters degree in ed tech! We're also going to be offering a new certificate in technology leadership soon. From the number of UNI alumni at ITEC this year, it seems we're making a difference!