July 31, 2007

Goodbye July :-(

Lucy is starting to be more interactive. She's noticing herself in the mirror, smiling, and trying to participate in conversations. As July passes and August approaches, we're busy getting the house ready for Ewa's arrival this weekend and enjoying the time we have left before classes begin again.

Emily had a great time at camp last week! She met lots of new friends, went canoeing, rode horses, and swam a lot. It made me wish I had gone to an outdoorsy camp when I was a kid! The place looked totally fun... situated along a river, nice cabins, cool counselors. Man, she had so much fun!

Elyse & I picked up Emily from camp, then the girls stayed overnight with us. We didn't do too much--we were all tired. But we did get out for a round of golf on Sunday. That was fun. Golf carts rock!

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