June 5, 2007

YouTube Meets PowerPoint

A colleague recently pointed me to SlideShare.net where people are sharing various slideshows and presentations (is slide show one word or two, BTW?). Anyway, the site is basically YouTube (or TeacherTube) or Flickr meets PowerPoint--like many others, this entire site relies on its users to share their content with each other. For example, check out Monty Metzger's very impressive presentation about the power of social media. Monty apparently works out of Germany for CScout, an international company that describes itself as a "strategic consultancy and market research agency." In other words, they help companies figure out trends and what is cutting edge and how to capitalize on it.

Reminds me of all the micro-blogging sites popping up. Younger generations (and some digital immigrants) are just eager--almost competitively so--to share their content with each other in ways that many from older generations just don't understand. For example, check out TwitterVision or Plazes. Wondering to yourself, "what's the point of such sites?" That's the point.

As I just read described elsewhere, we're moving from day-to-day happenings (newspaper) to hour-by-hour events (blogs) to minute-by-minute updates (micro-blogs and mobile blogging from cell phones). Don't believe me? Seriously, check out Monty's presentation!

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